We don't "roll up our sleeves"

We understand that founders do the heavy lifting, but we are here to support through all the ups and downs and help in any way possible.

We are operators and entrepreneurs who are building a venture firm we wish we had when building our companies.

We are immigrants with a diverse set of perspectives.  

We have hired 1000s of employees, raised over $200M in venture capital, created over $2B enterprise value, scaled internationally, and built consumer and enterprise startups.

We want to help you do the same.

We are S28 Capital.

Who are we? 

We’re a bunch of entrepreneurs trying to learn and rethink venture capital at the same time.

What Stage Do We Invest?

We write $500k to $5M checks into early-stage companies. Usually at the time we invest, a business has launched a product or prototype and has some degree of traction – whether in revenue or in enthusiastic users. That said, we will sometimes invest in companies ahead of their product launch or as part of their Series A or beyond.

Do You Lead?

We’ve committed capital into companies before they were even incorporated, let alone product. However, the ideal time for us to be involved is when company has a product in market with small but growing traction and is beginning to figure out next stage of challenges.

Naturally, we are also happy to return the favor by participating in early-stage rounds led by other leading early stage investors.

What Interests Us?

Our main focus as a firm is investing in founders at early stages of their company. Typically there is a product with early traction in the market, in what we think are huge markets, or underappreciated and misunderstood markets. Being engineers and CTOs ourselves, we are drawn to businesses with deep technical components, either in products they build or markets they address. We’re strongly drawn to product first companies which are businesses that win on the strength of their product and led by entrepreneurs who believe in the craft of building a product.

Do We Invest Only In Silicon Valley?

While we meet and invest in many teams from San Francisco and the Bay Area, we’ve also invested in Waterloo, Toronto, Los Angeles, New York, Israel, Asia, UK, France, and Turkey.

We’re a Silicon Valley based firm, but recognize there are great teams doing incredible things outside of the US. We spend a lot of time in Asia and Europe as well, and pride ourselves on keeping a global perspective.

How can we help? Why us?

Apart from connecting to the right people, recruiting, user acquisition, fundraising, board management, etc., we can help in cutting through the noise and focusing on the right questions to ask. We really have played the role founders have to play, from early days all the way to when a company becomes significant, and we can help you with the same. We have managed hyper-growth as well as layoffs as part of our journeys. We hope to at least make new mistakes with you.

How Do We Decide On Investments?

Being a small team gives us the ability to move fast. We ask ourselves whether this company will end up mattering down the road. And, if we are able to see glimpses of how that would be possible. Understanding how the founders arrived at the specific problem and the approach they have convinced themselves to take, helps us to build conviction and move with confidence.

Our Team

We believe in not only forging a strong partnership but cementing lifelong friendships.