Andrew Miklas

Venture Partner

While Andrew's works as an investor, at heart he is a software engineer and entrepreneur.  He co-founded PagerDuty, the leading digital operations management platform used by businesses to co-ordinate their response to critical issues.  The company has over 10k customers and generates more than $100M in annual recurring revenue. As PagerDuty's founding CTO, he scaled the product & engineering team to 70+ individuals and led the team that designed the initial product and its high availability architecture.  Since leaving PagerDuty full-time, he's worked with the team at Y Combinator and later s28 Capital to find and mentor the next generation of startups.

Andrew's main area of investment interest are startups building products for software and operations engineers.  More generally, Andrew is interested in B2B startups, especially those with a strong focus on product or that are built around a deep technical insight.

Andrew holds a B. Soft Eng from the University of Waterloo and a M. Sc. from the University of Toronto.