Inaugural edition of S28 Snippets, the S28 monthly newsletter.

This month we announced our new home in South Park, San Francisco, and welcomed a few new members to the team.

In December, we exchanged our Menlo Park office for a beautiful location in South Park, San Francisco and we absolutely love it here. South Park is the site of the oldest park in the city and is rich with dynamic history - an embodiment of SF culture and progress. Once home to only the wealthiest, it was severely damaged by the San Francisco Earthquake in 1906 and the oval park became a refugee camp. In the 1990s, it became "ground-zero" of the first dot-com revolution due to flexible office spaces and affordable rents, and continued to develop on to the amazing, vibrant, tech-centric community it is today. If you're looking for a quick meeting or office space in the area, feel free to hit us up! 

Welcome Andrew Miklas (founding CTO PagerDuty), Victor Pang (Nutralink founding team), and Shvet (Kiwi, Playdom) to the S28 family.

Also, read the latest from our companies PlanGrid, Kespry, Reflektive, and Earnest.

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